I have no idea how to use tumblr hence the title. 15. Florida. yeah.


dead poets society (1989)



babe can i show you my d*ck 



Nothing I expected but everything I wanted

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so I had to make a lamp for pottery and sculpture II so I worked on my project all day today and every time people looked at me weird bc they were expecting like a bedazzled lampshades or some shit and I’m not about that so I got finished and went over to my teacher holding this huge motherfucker


and everyone was just staring at me like “what the fuck is this thing??? what???” and then I plugged it in


people fucking lost it

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So relevant right now.

Member Playlist #6 by Vivian (vlyrians) —  HOW IT ALL USED TO BE | {8tracks}

a mix inspired by the end of an unforgettable summer. here’s to racing down empty streets at midnight, endless starry skies, lazy summer days, love that couldn’t last, and memories to last a lifetime.

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